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Best five BnS Features

time 05/23/2017

Action combat. Players looking for an action MMORPG can look no further than BnS. The combat system is skill and action based. There are no rotations, however, there are some powerful combos. Players unlock abilities and learn how to use combos in a progressive manner. They must also learn how to manage each combat encounter by adapting their skills and abilities usage as not all BnS enemies are the same. 
Plenty of unique classes. Nine BnS classes are available to players. Each class comes with its own fighting style and moves. Some classes are more difficult to master than others. Players can check out class difficulty in the character creation screen. Veteran action gamers and MMORPG players should have no trouble getting the hang of a class marked as difficult. 
Good graphics and atmosphere. While the story is not that captivating, BnS creates an immersive experience thanks to its atmospheric visuals. Story quests enable players to visit the entire world. Some of the side quests are quite amusing. The system requirements are pretty low so all players can enjoy the spectacular game scenery. 
PvE and PvP. There are lots of activities for both content categories. BnS keeps PvE and PvP separate so players that are not interested in one of them can completely forget about its existence. They are guaranteed to find challenging content no matter it's PvE or PvP they prefer. 
Fair business model. The optional premium membership doesn't give paying players unfair advantages. They get more XP, lower auction house fees, ability animations, cosmetic items, access to the wardrobe feature and premium points to use at the store. From all these benefits the ones that can really make a difference are the points and the wardrobe. Points can be acquired by all players so this is not such a big issue but the wardrobe is only for premium members. 
These are the best features in BnS. If you want to have more fun in game, buy BNS Gold and BNS Power Leveling service will help you get the desired level fast and easy. 

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