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Discover the World of FF14 With Sightseeing

time 05/24/2017

Sightseeing is a non combat FF14 feature that requires players to discover vistas all over the game world. This feature was introduced in a patch and has a few unlock requirements. Players need to first achieve level 20, complete the story quest line Sylph Management and then travel to New Gridania where they will find the NPC that gives the quest that unlocks this feature. Sightseeing is not a series of quests. It is implemented as a series of logs that are completed as players discover vistas. 
A FF14 vista is a location that reveals a secret if players use the right emote at the right time of the day when certain weather conditions occur. When players reach a vista spot they are notified with a chat message saying “You have arrived at a Vista”. A riddle is presented to them and they must figure out the exact location, the proper weather conditions and which emote to use. If players get too far from the location of a vista they will receive a notification. Not all locations are easily reachable. Players use jump and sprint to get to the right spot. 
Unlocking vistas is not easy and it's certainly time consuming. There is no relevant reward obtained by completing vistas. Players get three achievements, a title and a pet for completing the entire sightseeing log. Uncovering vistas reveals a beautiful landscape and a part of the FF14 lore. Players will reach some vistas locations as they travel the world completing quests, FATEs or other activities. Those who don't want to trouble themselves too much with riddle solving can fix that with a quick Google search. Luckily, there are online guides that tell players the exact conditions to uncover all FF14 vistas. Sightseeing log entries introduced in Heavensward expansion are easier to complete than those from A Real Reborn. This feature caters to players who enjoy exploring the world and finding out more about the FF14 lore. 
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