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Get Ready to Discover Another Runescape 3 Adventure – Menaphos, the Golden City

time 05/29/2017

Menaphos or the Golden City is a Runescape 3 area that has been in the game for some while but players were not allowed to enter it. It's possible to travel to nearby locations around Menaphos but there is no way to enter this city that can be found in the Kharidian Desert. The new patch that arrives on the 5th of June 2017 allows players to enter Menaphos and to discover its secrets, however, there are a few quests and skill level requirements. Those who plan on adventuring in Menaphos as soon as the gates are opened should complete three quests Diamond in the Rough, Stolen Hearts and Icthalarin's Little Helper which is a sequel to the Diamond in the Rough quest line. There are also some skills that need to have a certain level. Players must make sure that their slayer skill is at least level 85. Eight more skills need to be leveled to 50 before accessing the city. These skills are thieving, construction, dungeoneering, agility, runecrafting, prayer, crafting and divination. 
Players are required to help Menaphos inhabitants with various tasks. Each quest reveals a part of the story surrounding the city. The Pharaoh is the ruler of the city but players will find out that is Amascut who is actually pulling the strings. Her plan is to locate Tumeken, her father. While in Menaphos, players will spend their time completing quests, taking part in mini-games and leveling skills. One of the quests is based on Crondis the goddess. Shifting Tombs is a mini game that sends players to uncover a tomb and to fulfill various time limited tasks. It doesn't matter if players complete the task or not, they get experience either way but a significantly larger amount is given to those who manage to fulfill the objective. Level 85 slayer skill is needed to access the new slayer dungeon located in Menaphos. 
The city is divided into four main areas. Lots of facilities such as Grand Exchange, bank, altar, various stores and more are found within the city walls. NPCs that deal with firemaking, woodcutting, thieving, fishing, cooking, mining and hunting can also be found in the city. For the first two months, players get a 5% XP buff. Menaphos is premium content. 

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