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Discover A New Way to Play FUT Mobile with Update 6

time 06/03/2017

A new FUT Mobile update gives players a new way to interact with others in a new competitive mode and brings a series of changes regarding gameplay. The biggest update is the addition of a new mode called VS Attack. This new mode will replace the old attack mode. VS Attack is a simultaneous competitive multiplayer mode. Players will compete against each other in real time compared to the old mode that was asynchronous. This is how VS Attack works. Players are paired up based on their skill and division. They are given a fixed period of time during which they must score more goals than the enemy team that is controlled by the game system in order to win the game. This new mode makes  FUT Mobile even more competitive. 
Other changes are reflected in the way football players react when performing certain moves in a match. If players are on possession start they won't run in the wrong direction anymore. Support runs and supporting players will now behave better. One particularly annoying issue was players running offside quite often. This is fixed now. The improvement takes into consideration positioning and awareness. Players are also more responsive when they do a jog dribble. Rainbow flick is more effective. When a player performs a sprint dribbling, the system now takes into consideration his dribble stat. Scissor kicks have a better aim. Another update changes how auto play works. After 10 seconds, new set pieces will be taken automatically. Gesture control gives players the chance to apply curl when doing a corner kick. An old bug left buttons not initialized after a goal was scored. This should not happen anymore from now on. When a counter attack possession starts, the defender now correctly runs towards the ball. Players should also not miss their header anymore. Attack mode possessions are also improved. 
This update shows that the FUT Mobile team is committed to make the game a better experience. And we as the best coins seller are offering cheap FUT Mobile Coins to make you have a better experience too.   

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