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Get Ready for the Yearly Runescape 3 Celebration

time 06/09/2017

Runefest, the Runescape 3 real celebration, is scheduled to take place on September 23rd. The event brings together Runescape 3 fans and developers. It's a day the honors the long running MMORPG with all sorts of events, contents and exclusive reveals concerning the game. Those who attended the convention in the past years already know what to expect. Full details for Runefest 2017 were not yet announced. Here's a rundown of the event and speculations based on what happened at previous editions. 
The event has two main parts: the convention itself and the night before party. Several types of tickets are available. The night before Runefest party will be held at Namco Funscape. The attendees are offered free drinks (in limited amount, of course) and free access to the arcade machines, table tennis, pool tables and bowling. The party lasts for about five hours starting from 19:00 and ending around midnight. Unfortunately, the tickets that include party access are already sold out. This shows that Runefest is an important event for many Runescape fans. Tickets that allow access to the convention are available for around 99 pounds until 3rd of July. After that date the price will go up and buyers have to spend 20 more pounds. Previous editions allowed players to buy tickets using in game bonds. There is no official news about this yet so the safest way to gain access to Runefest 2017 is to buy a ticket with real money. 
There's no need to be upset about not getting a party ticket as the convention offers plenty of fun things to do and see. The Cosplay Parade is always a spectacular event. There will also be a Deadman Tournament. The best content community creators are shown appreciation with the Golden Gnome Awards. There will be two stages where exclusive news is about to be revealed. Jagex officials will make announcements about both Runescape 3 and Runescape 2007. Besides news, contests and tournaments, Runefest is also the best time to just hang out and share a laugh and stories with fellow players and to make new friends. 
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