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Get Your Friends to Play Runescape 3 and Earn Rewards

time 06/20/2017

Runescape 3 has a Recruit a Friend program that rewards players with a series of prizes. Those who convince anyone else to give the game a try are given some rewards. One of the most compelling reasons to recruit a friend is the free membership week. Players who bring their friends into the game are given seven free days during which they enjoy premium membership status for free. This applies to every recruited person. Runescape 3 also encourages players to interact in game with their friends by offering an XP bonus. When the recruited person acquires XP, the one that referred him or her will also get some XP as bonus. The bonus is boosted if the two players are close to each other. The largest amount of bonus XP is obtained when players are working towards the same activity or quest. The third Recruit a Friend program benefit gives players a 10% XP bonus that is active for seven days. This bonus is automatically applied no matter if the two are playing together or doing completely different things. For the first week, all earned XP will be applied the 10% bonus. 
Recruiting a friend is really easy. Players that wish to show the world of Gielinor to their buddies have to go to the  Runescape 3 official website and access the Community menu that is located on the top part of the screen. The Recruit a Friend sub-menu lists all program details. When the Recruit a Friend Now button is clicked, recruiters will be prompted to log in and to fill in a form. They must enter their friends email address and they will be sent an email informing them of what has to be done next. When the recruiter and the recruited user play together, the first one gets 5% XP of the amount the second obtains. This is a good chance to work together towards skills or to do quests together. The seven free days of premium subscription are given for each recruited friend. 
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