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Get the Golden Lotus packs and Sponsor the BnS 2017 European Tournament

time 07/21/2017

BnS players can support the 2017 European Tournament by acquiring premium packs. There are two types of packs available. 
Golden Lotus chests contain items that can be used in game. Players who open a chest will be getting useful items such as Sealed Xanox Disks and Sacred Oils. They also have the opportunity to get a special costume called the Shadow Phoenix. 
The Heart of the Golden Lotus pack can be acquired only one time per account. This pack contains only vanity items. Players who acquire it will add a new costume to their wardrobes. The Speakeasy set will surely draw attention with its fancy vintage design. A new skin for weapons is included in the pack. Players will be able to customize their weapons with a peacock skin. The third item is a title and it's the perfect reward for BnS players who want to show others they've supported the event but don't want to equip the costume or the weapon skin. There is no other way to get the Fringe Contender title. These are just the initial rewards. As milestones are achieved, players will be getting more items. 
The first milestone, set for $100,000, is celebrated by giving players a unique costume called the Sunrise Action Hero Set. It's a yellow overall, one of the most recognizable costumes as it was worn in a famous action movie by a beloved action movie star. The second milestone is achieved when $200,000 have been gathered from Golden Lotus packs and chests. There are two items included in the reward. One is the Black Padded Coat costume and the other is a hair style called the Red Gangplank. The third milestone, $275,000, gives players another costume, the Spring Breeze outfit. Five more milestones whose rewards have not yet been revealed are planned. The goal is to raise $400,000 that will go into the BnS 2017 European Tournament prize pool. 
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