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Runescape 3 – Quick Guide to Ranged Combat

time 07/22/2017

Runescape 3 is an MMORPG with three types of combat: ranged, magic and melee. Ranged combat is a fighting skill that uses special armors and weapons. Free and premium members can train this skill. The ranged skill is also called archery so players who pursue this technique are sometimes called archers. The most common types of weapons used for ranged combat are bows, crossbows, dwarf multi cannons, hand cannons, and thrown weapons. Each category has multiple items. Archers will use specialized armor called ranged armor. Each type of armor gives various bonuses and it's magic resistant. Here are some types of Runescape 3 ranged armor: leather, spined, snakeskin, dragon hide, sirenic, death lotus, and void knight. Not all ranged armor sets are available to free members. 
Runescape 3 uses a system called the combat triangle that gives each style a weakness and an advantage over another one. Ranged combat is weak when fighting against a melee specialized enemy but strong when the opponent is a magic user. It would appear that archers have an advantage over melee mobs due to the long range of their attacks but this is not true as creatures with a melee fighting style have good defense against ranged. 
Bows are two handed weapons and they're the traditional weapons for ranged combat. Most of them need ammunition such as arrows. There are multiple types of bows. Some of the best Runescape 3 bows are Seren, Zaryte, and Decimation. Crossbows are a different category of ranged weapons and unlike bows, not all crossbows are two handed. Dwarf weaponry includes two types of cannons. The thrown weapons category features throwing axes, darts, javelins, and such. 
A few prayers can be used to boost the ranged skill. Sharp eye gives +2 ranged skill. Hawk eye offers a +4 boost. Eagle eye increases ranged by six. Rigour gives +8 ranged skill. There are two ranged skill caps. One is 99 and the other is 120. There are around 190,000 Runescape 3 players who have reached the first cap and 11,000 or so players who attained max ranged level. We will keep  you posted with more runescape game play guide. Remember visit u7buy when you need Runescape 3 Gold

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