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Upgrade FUT Mobile Players With the Retro Stars Program

time 07/27/2017

FUT Mobile players who still have football player cards from other programs and missed the chance to upgrade them can now do so thanks to the Retro Stars program. This new event requires players to use three types of tokens to increase the stats and OVR of cards from programs that have ended. The items used for upgrade are fame, talent, and throwback. 
Three players from earlier programs will be selected each week. The players who can be upgraded are announced on Tuesday evening each week as long as the program is active. Players will be selected from events that are not currently available such as Football Freeze or Carniball. To upgrade the player card, users will need to complete its associated FUT Mobile plan. To complete the plan, the original player and some other upgrade tokens are needed. 
When the plan is finished, players get a new card with higher OVR and stats as a reward. There are two ways to obtain the original player card if users don't have it already. They can check the FUT Mobile auction house. Some of these cards can be bought from other players. The alternative is to complete a plan. The tokens used in plans are fame, talent, and throwback. Plan completion details can be checked in game so players can see how many of these items are needed. Tokens are obtained from live events. FUT Mobile players get the chance to take part once again in live events that were available during certain programs. Those who want to get more tokens faster should check the store. FUT Mobile store sells packs that contain these tokens. Players have seven days to upgrade the selected players for that week. When the upgrade period ends, another set of three players will be available for upgrade. 
Retro Stars program is scheduled to be a long time running program available throughout the summer of 2017. Players are invited to check Twitter for more details about the program. The three weekly players are also announced on Twitter. Or stay tuned with u7buy to get cheap FUT Mobile Coins and laest news. 

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