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Will You Be Playing NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch?

time 07/28/2017

NBA 2K18 will be available on Switch, the new console from Nintendo. It was released in March 2017 and, despite the constant negativity, it was a very well received console with lots of units sold all over the world. NBA 2K18 was already confirmed for Switch and it will be getting the current generation treatment. This means that the two special editions, legend and legend gold, will be also available for Switch players. NBA 2K18 fans who happen to be Switch owners are toying with the idea of getting the game on the new console. 
First and foremost, one of the most compelling reasons to get NBA 2K18 on Switch is portability. The Switch is a hybrid device that works as a traditional gaming system when docked but also as a portable console. For many users, the idea of managing their MyTeam, browsing the store or watching NBA 2KTV without having to be in front of their TVs is an attractive one. Players can do these actions while traveling, waiting for the bus or in any location they might happen to be. NBA 2K18 supports multiplayer and this goes very well with Switch's portability. Friends can bring their consoles at someone's place and spend a few hours competing in matches from their portable device. The price for the standard NBA 2K18 version is $60 (varies based on regional taxes). The box versions for legend and legend gold editions are available in the USA and Canada through various game retailers. 
Portability is a powerful argument but players are afraid they will be missing out on content or getting a downgraded NBA 2K18 version. So far, there is no official news or reliable source to make us believe that NBA 2K18 on Switch will have different content than on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. Graphics quality is another concern. It's not a secret that the Switch is not as graphically capable as other consoles, however, players should keep in mind that the only way to enjoy NBA 2K18 at its brimful potential is to play on PC. Well, no matter which platfrom you play, u7buy will offer cheap NBA 2K18 MT for you. Welcome to our site when the game released.  

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