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Which is Your Favorite NBA Live Mobile Summer Court?

time 07/29/2017

NBA Live Mobile Summer Courts event introduced some unique gameplay elements including arenas called summer courts. Four are available throughout the duration of the event. All arenas are popular basketball locations known by fans from all over the world. 
Venice Beach is a well known location for athletes. It's also home to Muscle Beach, the popular outdoors gym. For basketball fans, Venice Beach means a peaceful court located on a beautiful beach. The arena is home to some of the most intense spontaneous games. The location is visited by NBA players, celebrities, and tourists all together. It's a great place to witness a casual match between well known basketball players and other personalities and even to take part in one. 
Brooklyn Park is located in New York. It's one of the most iconic arenas for street basketball. During summer days, this court is filled with basketball fans. This is the place where lots of respected NBA players have started their career. 
Margaret Hie Ding Ling Park is an arena found in Chicago. It's not just a famous basketball court but it's also a preferred place to shoot commercials. This is the place to visit to get the taste of street basketball in Chicago. 
Seattle Pacific University arena is visited by those who want to become some of the best basketball players in the world. It's a popular training place. Some of the most famous NBA players from Seattle have gone from pupil to master thanks to their training time on this court.  
During the Summer Courts event, players get the chance to learn more about these arenas and about the famous players or games that made them gain notoriety. The program includes more than 100 new players and the chance to upgrade Bernard King to OVR 97. A community event allows players to vote in a poll and to decide which is the most popular arena. Players that pick the winning arena are rewarded with a special NBA Live Mobile pack. So whch is your favorite NBA Live Mobile Summer Court? Welcome to share your idea with us and buy NBA Live Mobile coins from us. 

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