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FF14 – Weapons Guide: From Zodiac to Anima

time 08/10/2017

FF14 relic weapon upgrade continues in the Heavensward expansion. The maximum upgrade level that can be obtained in A Realm Reborn is Zodiac Zeta. From this point further, players will need access to Heavensward and level 60 characters which you could read fast with FF14 Power Leveling service to take their weapon to the next level. Its not mandatory to have the Zodiac Zeta upgrade to obtain Anima but, it will be easier in the beginning for players who already have it. There are eight upgrade stages for the Anima weapon. To be able to obtain the quest, players need to have finished the Heavensward main scenario quest. 
Four quests need to be completed for the first three stages. The first one is easily completed by talking to some NPCs. For the second one, players have to gather items from FATEs in Heavensward zones. This can be skipped if players already have the Zodiac Zeta weapon. Completing this quest will give players the Animated weapon. The third quest requires players to complete 10 of the expansion dungeons. The Awoken weapon is obtained as a reward. The fourth quest requires players to obtain items from various activities and raids. Company seals and crafting materials are needed too. After this quest is done players get the item level 210 Anima weapon. 
The next stage rewards players with item level 230 Hyperconductive weapon. For this, players will need five items that can be obtained in two ways. One item is weekly obtained by completing three raids. Players can buy one item for 350 Tomestones of Poetics. 
The fifth stage, Reconditioned, rewards the 240 item level weapon. This stage requires players to gather crafting materials that will be used to enhance the weapons attributes. 
The 260 item level Sharpened weapon is acquired after gathering 50 items from weekly and daily quests. They can also be bought for 40 Tomestones of Poetics a piece. 
The Complete item level 270 weapon is obtained after completing 3 dungeons on hard mode and buying certain items. Tomestones of Poetics and Lore and company seals are used as currency. The needed items can also drop from chests. 
The last upgrade stage that rewards the 275 item level Lux weapon requires completing 12 trials on hard mode and 500 Tomestones of Poetics. 
So here is the FF14 Weapons guide for from Zodiac to Anima. Want to get more gameplay guides? Stay tuned with u7buy and welcome to buy FF14 Gil from us. 

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