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Runescape 2007 – Agility Crash Course

time 08/23/2017

Agility is one of the Runescape 2007 skills that are available to premium players only. It's not a vital skill such as attack or magic but it provides some nice advantages. The number one agility use is shortcut access. There are actual shortcuts placed all around the world of Gielinor that allow players to save time while traveling. Some shortcuts are found inside dungeons and can be used to get out faster or to skip mobs. Players that choose to level agility will also be able to wear special gear that reduces their weight. Run energy is consumed when running. It restores over time. The recovery rate is increased as players level up the agility skill. 
Players train agility by completing agility courses. To complete an agility course, players are required to pass all the obstacles. XP is awarded individually for each obstacle plus a bonus for completing the entire course. Damage is taken if players fail an obstacle. The amount of lost HP depends on the current HP so players will want to start an agility course with low HP.  A few items will help players finish courses faster. Players can consume food and energy potions. These potions are made with the herblore skill. Some players like to pair agility with herblore to have a steady supply of potions. Food and potions enable players to run for a longer period of time without taking breaks. This means they will gain XP faster. 
One of the best places to train agility at lower levels is the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Players are invited to complete the Gnome Stronghold agility course before any other course as it's the easiest. There are six simple obstacles to pass. There are more than 15 more agility courses to complete. Most of them can be found in main cities. Runescape 2007 also has some quests that give players some agility XP, however, courses are the primary agility training method. The maximum agility level is 99. Players who obtain maximum level are eligible to get the agility cape. Cheap Runescape 2007 gold will help a lot while playing the game, meanwhile Runescape 2007 account offers you a chance to get a skilled account easy.

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