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BnS - How to Get Rewards From PvP Events During the Nebula Stone Showdown Event

time 09/01/2017

The Nebula Stone Showdown is a BnS event dedicated to PvP. The event runs from August 16 to September 13. During this time, players will get an extra reward from their daily PvP activities. The reward is a special type of token called dueler's medallion. There are five daily quests that can be completed to acquire medallions. The World Martial Arts Tournament requires players to take part in a duel. They will get one medallion as a reward. Players don't need to win the duel in order to get the reward so this quest is a good chance for PvE players to get a medallion while training their PvP skills. You Get a Gold Star is another quest that requires duel participation only. The reward is two medallions. Two more medallions are obtained for finishing Triple Tag Trial daily quest. Players need to take part in three tag matches for this one. The other two daily quests require players to win duels and tag matches. The One on One daily quest is completed when players win a duel. A medallion is given as a reward. Tag Match Win is completed by winning one tag match. The reward is one medallion. All these daily quests are not event related. They are active all year long but the medallion tokens are obtained only during the event. 
Medallions can also be obtained from hero chests or purchased with NCoins. Players can obtain hero chests from daily and weekly challenges. In addition to medallions, hero chests have a chance to drop other items as well. Two medallions are bought from the Hongmoon store for one NCoin. Medallions are spent to acquire Nebula stones that serve as upgrade item for weapons. There are two types of stones. Auric stones upgrade Seraph or Dawnforged weapons. Cardinal stones are used for Baleful or Riftwalk weapons. These stones replace the heroic weapon offerings. The Steel Heart outfit can be bought with medallions. Other items that are acquired with this BnS gold are Xanox discs, pentagonal rubies and sapphires, and forging orbs. 
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