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What's New in ESO Update 15

time 09/02/2017

The base version of ESO has improved thanks to an update that implements combat cues customization, alliance points and crafting writs sharing, more guild permissions, guild invite history, the option to cancel a crafting research, and an easier way to improve equipped items. It's called Update 15 and it is released on the same day as Horns of the Reach DLC. The Settings menu was expanded with a new option called Combat Cue. To use this feature, players must first open the Settings main menu, navigate to the Gameplay sub-menu, and choose the Combat option. Combat cues can be toggled on and off. Players can use it to personalize the colors that are associated with combat cues. This is one handy addition as the default option is not the best for all players. Using the new settings, players can choose a different color for ally and enemy markers. Brightness can also be changed. 
The bank storage has extended its functionality. Alliance points and writ vouchers can now be put in a bank for other characters on the same account to have access to them. Alliance points and writs are placed in a bank when using the deposit currency option available from a banker. The withdraw currency option allows a character to obtain alliance points or writs from another character on the same account. Guilds are another ESO feature that received an update. The invite history now keeps tracks of all sent invites together with the name of the player that made the invitation. A new permission allows guild masters to decide who can see the funds in the guild's bank. The crafting system was added some new features. Players are now free to cancel a research, however, the item that was dismantled for the research will not be restored. Players don't need to take off equipped items if they wish to improve them. The improvements menu will now list equipped items as well. PC players will get Update 15 along with the new DLC on August 14 while console players will get it two weeks later on August 29. All players could get 3% off when buy ESO gold from u7buy. Cheap ESO Power Leveling service is online waiting for your purchase too. Register u7buy to get more rewards. 

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