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Madden NFL 18 Review

time 09/10/2017

Have you ever noticed that making an adjustment to something good becomes a new experience? That's what happened to me when playing the new Madden 18. The previous version I played until last week and I know almost everything to perfection; however, there are many differences in the version of this year, especially in the most important, at the moment to play. Here is my brief review of Madden 18.
The new graphics engine, Frostbite, does wonders in this game. The control you feel with the players is total and the reactions, especially on the defensive, have changed for the better, since in the previous edition there was a great advantage towards the offensive. What most helps is that artificial intelligence adapts to each player style in their different game modes.
Game Modes
This is undoubtedly, so far, what I liked most of Madden 18. There’s one thing I’m happy is that I play on xbox one, and cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins Xbox One is available, also cheaper than PS.  As we know there are three modes of play: arcade, simulation and competitive. Everyone has something special.
In Arcade the control of the party has the player, that is to say, the artificial intelligence is to its minimum. If you choose a pass rusher is very likely to beat the offensive line men, when you have the quarterback is very unlikely to throw interceptions and will always have the advantage the player against the machine. If you are just learning to play or you like to watch spectacular matches and many points, this is the option for you.
In Simulation is a mode similar to last year's Madden. It is a combination of the skill of the user and the equipment you have. In Competitive mode there is even more weight in the quality not only of the players, but of the schemes that are used. The game reacts to situations differently: if you try to stop the game with a defensive defense, it is likely that offensive linemen will destroy your defensive line. It is no longer common to see the corners / safeties loose an intercept if it hits them in the hands or that the receivers release passes if they are alone. It's something more attached to what we normally see every Sunday in the NFL, with its dose of possible error.
Let's stop this review here. The following week we'll bring you the next part of this brief review and our complete experience with buying MUT 18 Coins and playing the game.

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