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NBA Live Mobile – How to Earn Season Score Tickets

time 09/23/2017

My Team upgrade. This is one of the most ticket profitable NBA Live Mobile activities. Out of 200 maximum tickets that can be earned, this activity alone allows players to get 50 tickets. This doesn't mean that it's 50 or nothing. Fewer tickets can be acquired but the goal is to get them all. The number of obtained tickets depends on the OVR of the team. To get the maximum number of tickets, players have to obtain basketball player cards with better OVR and put them in a team. This is how the team OVR will go up. One suggestion is to use the players from the Summer Players program. At the moment, these are some of the best in game cards. 
Summer Courts program. This is an NBA Live Mobile event but also one of the activities listed in the Season Score Hub. Players get 15 points for a full program completion. During the program, players take part in live events to earn tokens that will help them complete sets to get new cards. If you don't have time to do this, buy NBA Live Mobile coins from u7buy will help you get the cards you need fast and easy. Four special players are available. Users start by earning a lower OVR version and work their way to the 97 OVR card version. Doing Summer Courts activities is like killing two birds with one stone. The players obtained from this program are some of the recommendations for My Team OVR improvement. 
My Level upgrade. NBA Live Mobile level is a measurement of a player's overall progress and accomplishments. Players get tickets depending on their level. The current level is displayed on the top section of the user interface. Players earn experience points (XP) when they take part in three game modes. These three modes are live events, season matches, and head to head games. Most players agree that the fastest way to level up is to complete season mode matches. Live events are also good and offer plenty of useful rewards. Did't get the rewards at all? Don't worry, u7buy offer cheap NBA Live Mobile IOS and Android for you. Head to head matches can be quite challenging depending on players' skill but they provide good XP too. The level cap is 50. Players who become level 50 complete this Season Score activity and obtain the maximum number of points which is 15.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account