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Alexander Arnold Achieved It

time 09/24/2017

Alexander Arnold, the eleven of Liverpool, has broken into the people of EA. The young right-hander just 18 years old is being one of the revelations of the 'red' set at the start of the season. However, his adaptation in FUT 17 left a lot, but much to be desired. Situation for which he complained.
However, now that he is an elite player, EA Sports has set to work. His resemblance to FUT 18 is brutal!
There is less and less time for the launch of FUT 18 (next September 28) and it’s best time to buy FUT 17 Coins cheap online. Also little by little more details of the new title of the king of video games of soccer are revealed.
After revealing some details like the songs and stadiums of this new delivery, EA Sports is revealing gradually more secrets of its new FUT, in which the appearances and the animations of the players will acquire more importance than never before.
In this section, Alexander Arnold's case has become viral. The young defender of Liverpool, one of the great promises of the 'red' set, complained about the similarity of his character in FUT 17. Although being of silver category and with only 68 on average, it was expected that his characterization was not very detailed at the time.
However, Alexander was right. Any similarity between him and his version in FUT 17, was a lack of respect. A question that from EA have wanted to solve, due to its arrival and success in Liverpool.
But apparently, EA heard the petition of the young English footballer. Now, it not only looks more, but their face has been scanned through the system they use to emulate the best players in the game.

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