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Four Times NBA 2K18 OVR System Was Used to Rate Something Else Than NBA Players

time 09/25/2017

The Walking Dead characters. It seems that The Walking Dead producers, or the staff in charge of the show's Twitter account, are big fans of NBA 2K18 and player ratings. Just like NBA players are rated, The Walking Dead crew got their ratings. Most of them got pretty generous ratings which led fans to think they'll have a good run, or just a run, in the eight season. Maggie Greene got 92 OVR, Rick Grimes got 96 OVR, Negan got 97 OVR, and Daryl Dixon got 86 OVR. 
The solar eclipse of 2017. For some reason, an astronomical event received an NBA 2K18 rating. It was not a good one as this year's eclipse only managed to score 78 rating. The next chance for the eclipse to improve its rating is in 2024 when the next one will take place. It surely is interesting to think about how NBA 2K will be in 2024. Will the franchise last seven more years and how will the 25th anniversary edition look like are questions no one can answer so we'll just have to wait and see. 
Rap singers. The entertainment website, Uproxx, thought to end the “who is the better rapper” debate once and for all by giving NBA 2K18 similar ratings to rappers. The author followed Ronnie2K's example and didn't reveal the rating algorithm, just the final result. Kendrick Lamar got 98 OVR, Drake got 96, Tyler the Creator got 94, 2 Chainz got 92, Joey Badass got 90, Logic got 89, Vince Staples got 88, Wale got 87, and Future and Gucci Mane got 85. 
Reese's Puffs. The famous cereal brand is associated with NBA 2K18 in a few ways. Players will spot Reese's Puffs when playing games in My Neighborhood, the new system that is making a debut in the 2017 NBA 2K installment. Secondly, there will be a Reese's Puffs collectible and thirdly, players are able to obtain some codes to be used in game when opening a bag of Reese's Puffs. It's no wonder that the delicious breakfast treat got 99 OVR.  
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