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NBA Live Mobile – Make Sure to Check the New Clipboard Commanders Packs

time 10/02/2017

Clipboard Commanders is an NBA Live Mobile program that adds 25 more player cards. All these cards are at least 90 OVR but there's one more trait that is shared by these players. All of them are also head coaches. Some of them are retired so this program has a bit of historical value as well. In fact, the best Clipboard Commanders card depicts a retired player. This is Phil Jackson and his card has 99 OVR. Players that want to collect this card and the rest are invited to check out the NBA Live Mobile store for the packs that contain these cards. 
There are three types of packs. One interesting thing is that two types of packs have double value. Each bought pack from these types will also count as a pack when the new season starts. Players will be receiving the pack contents as soon as they get it and once again after the season resets. It is not yet known what type of packs will be received in season two but it will be of the same value. 
The Clipboard Commanders pack is available for 250 NBA cash. This pack includes five collectible tokens and the chance to get a player from the program that has at least 97 OVR. The collectibles are used to complete program related sets. This kind of pack can be bought 100 times. 
The Triple Double pack is available for 300 NBA cash. When opening a pack of this type, players will receive two players that are at least gold quality, two items that have at least silver quality, and two items that have at least bronze quality. This pack and the Clipboard Commanders one count toward next season packs. The Triple Double pack can be bought 100 times. 
The Cornucopia pack is the one that can be bought for coins or NBA cash. Players should know that they can buy it for coins only 10 times, whereas, there is no purchase limit if NBA cash is used. The price in NBA Live Mobile coins is 75,000 and the price in NBA cash is 500. The pack has one player that has elite quality and four players that are gold or better. There is also a possibility to receive an OVR 84+ player from select programs. Players will not be getting next season packs for the Cornucopia pack. 

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