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Thinking About Getting NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch? Read This First!

time 10/03/2017

NBA 2K18 can be played on a Nintendo Switch with all its features just like on any other system but players will need additional equipment to run the game on this console. This has to do with the console's rather limited internal storage of only 32 GB. The operating system takes some space as well so players are left with less than 32 GB for their games. The Nintendo Switch supports up to 2TB microSD cards. It was already announced that some games, even if they are in physical form, will require a microSD card in order for players to have access to all content.  
NBA 2K18 is one of the first games that need an additional microSD card. Based on what it says on the official Nintendo support page, the game needs around 28 GB. After players get the game, there will be almost 7GB of data downloaded on their console. Then comes the big game update which is 16 GB. Future patches will likely need some extra storage as well. In addition to all this space, the game also needs 5GB on the console for save file. A game this big cannot run on the internal HDD so players need to install it on a microSD. The memory card is needed for both versions of the game: the physical one and the downloadable product. When it was announced that some games will require a microSD, it was also stated that this is needed to have access to all of the game's content. Some of the features are available if players got the physical version. The official announcement says that “specific levels or modes” can be played without a memory card. 
While this is certainly not good news for those who were planning to get NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch, there is still a bit of consolation. The console doesn't work only with select microSD cards or brands and there is a more than a generous selection of affordable memory cards available on the market. Anyway, no matter which platform you play, u7buy will offer you cheap NBA 2K18 MT like always. NBA 2K18 VC Account service is also available now. Check products at u7buy as soon as possible if you want to buy. 

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