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What New NBA 2K18 Players Need to Know About MyTeam

time 10/19/2017

MyTeam is one of the most played NBA 2K18 modes. It's popular because of two simple reasons: it's easy and it's fun. MyTeam is pretty much a trading card game based on NBA 2K18. Players collect cards that depict basketball players and use them to form teams. These teams are then used to play offline and online. The rich card selection and the possibility of so many team combinations make MyTeam such an appealing mode. There are practically no rules when building a team. NBA 2K18 is a realistic basketball simulation but this doesn't apply to this mode. When playing MyTeam any combination of cards is possible. Players that in real life are playing for different teams can be put in the same one. The objective is to put together the ultimate team but players have found various ways to enjoy it. Some users are playing MyTeam solely for the competitive aspect while others focus on acquiring cards to complete collections. 
Card collections are sets of cards that are themed on a certain element. For example, Rim Rockers features players that have good driving and scoring abilities while historic collections, such as Throwback, feature players from the past. Everything in MyTeam revolves around cards. These are mostly acquired from card packs that are normally acquired from the card market. Players can obtain cards and packs as a reward or through promotions, but buying them is the most common practice. That's where virtual currency or NBA 2K18 VC comes in. This is the NBA 2K18 currency. The other one is NBA 2K18 MT.There are lots of ways to obtain it. It is acquired as a reward for playing other game modes too, not just MyTeam. VC can also be considered premium currency as it can also be bought with real money. Everything in MyTeam is centered on cards and VC so those who plan on dedicating their game time to this mode should have a nice stash of VC or be prepared to spend time acquiring it. 

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