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Get NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch and Get a Welcome Pack

time 10/21/2017

NBA 2K18 had a pre-order bonus that included virtual currency, packs for MyTeam mode, and apparel for MyPlayer. Those who purchased the game before the release date were given these rewards. Once the game is released, the pre-order bonus is no longer available. But there is one way to get some in-game goodies when getting the game even after the release date. Many potential buyers wait for reviews from critics and opinions from fellow gamers before buying the game so not everyone pre-orders. Those who decide to get  NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch receive a welcome pack should they decide to get it before October 17. A decent amount of virtual currency is obtained. Players get 5,000 VC that will surely be helpful in the beginning. Considering that VC is bought with real money and 5,000 VC is worth $2, players can think of this as a small discount. Packs that can be used in MyTeam mode are also acquired. Players get 10 of them. This is not such a compelling reward but these packs cost NBA 2K18 VC so this adds a bit more value to the bonus. Kyrie Irving themed apparel for MyPlayer is also earned. Just like the packs, apparel is bought with VC as well so its worth can be measured in coins and added to the total. 
This offer seems pretty sweet but there is one more thing players should know before getting NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch. A microSD card is needed. It doesn't matter if players get the digital game version from the Nintendo Shop or the physical game card, the additional microSD card is needed in both cases. This is because the game needs a lot of space. The microSD should have at least 32 GB of free space. In addition, players must make sure to have 22 GB of free space on the console as well. This sounds like extra effort, and money, but purchasing a microSD card is something all Nintendo Switch owners will eventually do as the console has rather limited space and there will be more games that require a microSD card. At last, u7buy also offer cheap NBA 2K18 MT for Nintendo Switch player to have more fun in game. 

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