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ESO - What You Need to Know About Attributes

time 10/22/2017

ESO has primary and secondary stats. Unlike other MMORPG games where characters have stats based on their class, in ESO all classes share the same attributes. Each time players level up ESO, they gain a stat point. This point can be invested in any of the three primary stats. Secondary stats are indirectly increased when a point is invested in the corresponding primary stat. 
The three primary stats are health, magicka, and stamina. Health or HP measures a character's life. Each time players take damage, they lose HP. If players let their HP reach zero, they will die. There are two ways to restore HP: by healing or automatically over time. HP restores in combat as well but the recovery rate is slower. Healing spells help players recover their HP. In general, players who choose to build tank like characters will invest points in this stat. Health regeneration is the secondary stats that affects HP recovery. 
Magicka is similar to mana but also to spell power from role-playing games. This stat will be the most important for players that want to build caster adventurers. Each time spells are cast, some Magicka is drained. This stats also determines the effectiveness of spells. Just like HP, magicka automatically recovers over time and at a slower rate during combat. Spell damage is a secondary stat that measures a spell's damaging or healing power. The spell critical stat refers to the critical chance when casting a spell or doing damage with a magicka weapon. Spell resistance reduces the damage taken from spells and magic attacks. Magicka regeneration determines the recovery rate of this stat. 
Stamina is the stat that is used when performing moves like sprint, dodge, sneak, break free, and bash. Damage done with swords, daggers, axes, maces, and bows, also depends on stamina. Effectiveness with a shield is dependent on this stat as well. Weapon damage is the secondary stat that determines the damage done with stamina weapons and abilities. Players could get good weapon with ESO gold. Weapon critical represents the critical chance. Physical resistance mitigates the damage taken from physical damage. Stamina regeneration is the secondary attribute that determines how fast stamina regenerates.  

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