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NBA Live Mobile – What to Do With the Coins Before the Reset

time 10/24/2017

Store packs. Most packs from the NBA Live Mobile store are bought with NBA cash but there are a couple of packs that cost only coins. The Cornucopia Pack costs 75,000 coins. Inside this pack, players will find four basketball player cards that have at least gold quality. There is a chance that one of the players has 84 OVR or better. The player can be part of any of these programs NBA Finals, NBA Awards, All-Star, Mobile Madness, Winter, or Playoffs. The beginner pack costs 3,500 NBA Live Mobile coins. This pack contains three items. There are two bronze or better player cards and one silver or better card in this pack. The player cards obtained from these packs won't help players boost their team's OVR to 100 but they can be used in exchange sets. There are plenty of sets that allow to get rid of players that won't make it in a lineup. Players that want to save cards should put them in a lineup as all cards that are part of a lineup won't be taken away during the reset. 
Auctions. There are players who are trying to get rid of all their cards at the auction house and players who are trying to get rid of coins by buying items from the auction house. As mentioned above, all cards that are not in a lineup won't make it in the next season. If there is no other use for these cards, then a good idea is to put them up for sale at the auction house. The received coins can be invested in something useful. Players that have accumulated a nice stash of coins, should check the auction house for some bargains. With a bit of luck, they will find a player card that will boost team's OVR or a collectible item needed for a set. Season score tickets are earned when improving team's OVR so players shouldn't miss any chance to get higher OVR player cards. 

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