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NBA 2K18 - What You Need to Know About the Venue

time 10/26/2017

NBA 2K18 introduced new features and ways to play the game. The Neighborhood is one of the newly added features. This expands players' individual experience and at the same time, it offers the possibility to interact with others. The Neighborhood is MyPlayer's home and more. This is also a multiplayer area as users will see other MyPlayers running around. The Neighborhood is the game area where players have access to all sorts of equipment stores and even to a barber shop. It has facilities like MyCourt and a building called The Venue. Players will easily find The Venue as it is right in front of MyCourt. New players that have never ever visited The Venue are advised to simply go to MyCourt and they will immediately locate The Venue. 
Inside The Venue, players will see lots of courts and games in progress. Other players are engaged in games on these courts. It's possible to enter a court and take part in the match by paying the entrance fee. Above each court, the fee is displayed. Players will need to spend NBA 2K18 virtual currency to participate in a game. The fee is different depending on the rules. There are cheaper games that only require 2,500 VC as entrance fee but also expensive ones for which players have to pay 5,000 or even 7,500 NBA 2K18 MT. Players can use the “court status” option to find out more about the type of game being played and its rules. Each week comes with different rules. Players can take part in wager mode games and such. This makes The Venue a good place to earn some coins provided players are skilled enough to take on a multiplayer challenge. The Venue has another purpose. It's the place where players gather to take part in or to watch a special event. Competitions like the Mountain Dew 3X tournament and events like Ruffles 4-pointer challenge are held at The Venue. 

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