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Runescape 3 – How to Play Dimension of the Damned

time 10/29/2017

At the end of October, Runescape 3 players have the chance to take part in a special mode called Dimension of the Damned. This activity takes place on separate servers where the entire game is modified to accommodate the event. Players have access only to event related NPCs, vendors, and features. Facilities such as teleport, quests, the Grand Exchange, and others are not available on Dimension of the Damned instanced worlds. Banks are available but work under special rules. 
Dimension of the Damned is a timed activity. Players have one hour to kill as many zombies as possible. Their performance is measured in points. The timer can be reset as many times as players wish so they have multiple chances to get a better score and more points. Players get bonus points when they score 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 250 kills. Top 1000 players participate in the finale. The prize list includes compelling rewards such as special pets and a trip to Jagex headquarters. The winner gets 200 million coins, an exclusive title, and lifetime premium membership. 
 During the event, players have maxed stats and starting gear. A special currency is earned throughout the event. Bottle corks can be used at special vendors to acquire items and supplies that can be used to fight zombies. Consumables that help with zombeism are some of the supplies that are bought with this currency. Players get the zombeism debuff if the zombies bite them. Falador becomes a place of refuge during the zombie invasion. This is also the respawn point. Players affected by zombeism cannot enter it. During the finale, players fight against stronger zombies. Points are awarded for killed zombies and per minute staying alive. Every five minutes, the players who are in the last 70 places get killed. The objective is to score points and to avoid getting killed either by zombies or by the culling mechanism. The culling stops when a set number of players have been eliminated. The remaining players are the winners. Dimension of the Damned can only be played on the NXT client. At last, u7buy have been prepared enough Runescape 3 gold for you, welcome to buy from our site for Dimension of the Damned. 

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