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Madden NFL 18 Review - 2

time 11/01/2017

Game Modes
Moving on to game modes as such. comes back refreshed. It is an option where you can create the square of your dreams with active players and legends. So you can have the Browns with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady throwing passes to Julio Jones or Randy Moss. The way you achieve this is to overcome certain challenges in various situations of an encounter; like winning at the last minute, running a certain number of yards or completing X number of passes. Sure, playing and winning full matches against the machine or another player also helps.
With this you will get items that you can change by packages to unlock players, uniforms, stadiums or coaches. It will be up to you to properly accommodate all of these elements, so that your dream team will function in the right way. Although it sounds complex, it is actually an easy task and in a short time you will see yourself effectively managing your staff.
The "Franchise" mode was also simplified so that those who are only interested in the action of the field, forget for a moment the administrative part. But wait, do not get mad, if you're a NFL colored bone fan, you can do without the help of AI, to make changes and moves as you please.
This same applies the parties of each day; you can choose to play the entire game (it will take you about an hour) or just the key moments, say plays in 3rd down, the last two minutes, and so on (in this mode, game time is reduced to 20 minutes). This is well received, because as we have mentioned, it makes the experience more enjoyable and each person is free to choose his own path, according to his interests. So what do you think of MUT 18? If you are a fan of this game, we prepared cheap MUT 18 Coins for your buying. Stay tuned for more gameplay tips please.

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