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ESO - How the Death Mechanic Works

time 11/02/2017

ESO characters die when their HP reaches zero. The death mechanic features a penalty and two resurrection options. When players die, their items lose durability. This effect stacks so players can end up with useless armor if they die too many times. The durability on gear can be restored by repairing it. There are NPCs that take care of this in exchange for a fee. Repair kits are items bought from general merchants that are used to repair items. Players should have a few of these kits in their inventories at all times. Durability is only lost from PvE fights. Items don't lose durability in PvP. 
Two resurrection options are available. The first one is to spawn at a nearby wayshrine. It's worth mentioning that players will not release and enter ghost form. They don't have to go back to where they've died to come back to life. They will simply be teleported to a wayshrine. The second option is to revive in the same place. This is handy but it's also costly because a soul gem is used in the process. These magical items are very common in Tamriel. Soul gems come in two ways: empty and filled. An empty soul gem can be bought from NPCs for a small sum. They can also be found as drops. Soul gems are filled using the Soul Trap ability. This is a spell that belongs to the Soul Magic skill line. Soul Trap consumes Magicka and deals damage over time. If the affected target dies in this time then a soul gem is filled. These soul gems are also used to charge weapon enchantments. Filled soul gems can be bought but they are pretty expensive. It's a good idea to use the Soul Trap ability to make own filled soul gems. Sometimes it's worth consuming a soul gem to resurrect on the spot. Players can also be resurrected by others but this doesn't happen very often as no one wants to consume soul gems on a stranger. 
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