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NBA 2K18 - Five Reasons to Compete in the Mountain Dew 3X Tournament

time 11/05/2017

Attribute boosts. Players that manage to get a place among the top 10 winners of the NBA 2K18 Mountain Dew 3X tournament will never have to worry about attribute boosts again. They will receive attribute boosts for as long as the game is running. 
Tournament themed jersey. Cosmetic customization items may be just for show but sometimes they stand as proof of players' achievements. A Mountain Dew 3X jersey is among the rewards for being a top tournament player. With the newly introduced feature, the Neighborhood, players value customization items even more. Running around the Neighborhood or showing up at The Venue wearing a Mountain Dew 3X jersey will surely draw attention from other players. 
Accessories. NBA 2K18 has lots of accessories that can be collected and used on MyPlayer. There are various ways to earn these. One of them is acquired by being one of the 10 winners of the Mountain Dew 3X tournament. Players will receive arm sleeves. It's possible to wear sleeves on both arms or just on one. 
MyCourt basketball. MyCourt is the NBA 2K18 feature that is somewhat similar to player housing. This feature allows players to change outfits, to watch NBA 2KTV, and grants them access to a court where games can be played. Various customization options are available for MyCourt. Winners of the Mountain Dew 3X tournament get one item for MyCourt. They will get a basketball that can be used in this mode. 
Skill boosts. This prize is acquired by all players who take part in the tournament. As a reward for playing in Mountain Dew 3X games, players get 30 skill boosts. The Mountain Dew 3X tournament takes place at a new location in the Neighborhood. This is The Venue. It's a building especially created with the purpose of hosting events like the tournament and more. The Venue is the place to take part in wager mode games and to make some NBA 2K18 coins

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