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We played FUT 18 for Almost a Month on Nintendo Switch & This is Our Verdict

time 11/11/2017

FUT 18 for Nintendo Switch is causing a sensation in the network, due to several issues: not only for its portable attractiveness, but also for its lack of content in some aspects compared to other versions. It should be noted in the first place that EA has sent few units of the game to the stores, provoking that throughout Europe the videogame is scarce. The reasons are not known, but perhaps it is not only due to a supplier problem. As for the second paragraph, it is true that the FUT is somewhat trimmed (and the market of signings is still scarce), or that lack the story mode ('The Journey'). Learn more about FUT.
Instead, we are the most ambitious portable FUT in history. But do you consider it portable? The truth is that it is the first video game of the franchise to be in a hybrid console, so EA has used this delivery to test the gameplay - which drinks a lot of FUT 16 - and a graphic section based on an engine designed for this due to the inability to use Frostbite. The result is remarkable, and although we will not score the game because we already did with respect to the PS4 version, we do want to comment on some key aspects.
The first is that graphically, which is what interests many, the game complies. FUT 18 for Nintendo Switch is not a realistic game, in the sense of having hyperrealistic textures or lighting of last generation, but as a football game that is, it does offer a detailed finish with few errors. In the last hours have appeared funny bugs of this version evidencing errors in faces, something that we have not been able to contemplate. Yes we have observed that some celebrations of the players can get to produce comicidad, something that happens from almost always in the saga in consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The grass, on the other hand, in portable can not be appreciated but playing in television yes we see a quality finish.
The gameplay? We are going to take on the gameplay the next week. By the way, FUT 18 Coins Nintendo Switch are on sale now. Try u7buy service now!  

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