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The Three Pillars: MUT, Longshot and Franchise (Part 2)

time 11/16/2017

Completing Longshot can take us around 5/6 hours, and the biggest negative point is that you do not feel like a professional player, since the story ends the night of the draft. Nor will we dispute specific matches, but we will limit ourselves to a series of challenges that can be both peculiar matches (with different rules), QTE, a mini-game or even tests on the knowledge of this sport. Of course, accompanied by Devin characters situations that must take sides in numerous decisions that affect the people around him. 
The way we overcome all these obstacles, will make the scouts of the NFL have an assessment or another about us. Unfortunately, by completing the story, it seems that this follow-up does not have a direct effect on the events. Maybe Madden NFL 19? Of course, those who take love to Devin or Colt, for example, you can continue enjoying them in . Also can keep enjoy buying cheap MUT 18 Coins from u7buy. 
Franchise mode
The last mode that brings a different and deeper touch to Madden NFL 18 is Franchise, a habitual modality that can hook you for hours and hours, since it allows you to live the total in three different ways, as a player, as a manager or as the owner of a NFL franchise. Depending on our role we must play one or the other role, but in the end we will have to fulfill goals that mark us (in matches and seasons), to get our team to improve, and try to establish a new dynasty.
We are going to continue with this analysis in the next article. Stay tuned! 

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