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What We Think About the Longshot in Madden NFL 18

time 11/21/2017

Wade lost his mother as a child and his father Cutter Wade (played by Academy Award winning supporting actor in 2017, Mahershala Ali) in an auto accident. The loss of his father, who was his greatest enthusiast and part of the Mathis Bullfrogs commission) had shaken his confidence.
Along with his best friend, the Wide Receiver, Colt Cruise, Wade participates in the regional stage of the Combine, an NFL event in which aspiring professional players show their skills to the "scouts" of the NFL's 32 teams.
However, instead of being in the Combine, Wade is invited to participate in a TV reality show with other QBs, the Longshot. The program participant will conduct an intensive program that could draw the attention of the NFL to the upcoming draft.
The program is led by Jack Ford, football coach, who will test Wade's boundaries to turn him into a legitimate professional player. The Miami Dolphins' legendary QB Dan Marino, who gives essential tips to Wade, along with players like Justin Forsett and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson stands out throughout the program.
The mode has a cinematic style, with special songs that set the tone for the defining moments and a cliché story of overcoming.
The player dictates Wade's footsteps at key moments in the conversations or re-creation of matches that are part of the player's life. Whether it's Quick-Time Events (where you hit specific buttons to be successful) or with full campaigns to achieve wins in QB memories.
Matches for Mathis Bullfrogs are one of the coolest moments as you are challenged, for example, to turn a game with a score of 21 to 0 negative.
The mode requires the player's technical and tactical knowledge of American football. For Wade's / player's acquaintance is tested and every right answer, or played well, increases (or decreases) Wade's attributes. Cheap MUT 18 Coins will help you build a better team and practice your skills in game. 
But the great merit of Longshot is not in showing Wade's rise, but what really drives the NFL. Living Wade's transition steps from college to a possible professional deal is the great inexpensive way.

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