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NBA 2K18 - General Tips

time 11/22/2017

Coins are not transferable. Many NBA 2K18 players are veterans of the series who have most likely acquired a nice sum of coins in previous game installments. It would indeed be awesome to be able to transfer coins from an older game version to the current one on the same account, but this is not possible. Players are advised to invest their NBA 2K18 MT in something useful before the release of the new edition. 
Bought coins not received. NBA 2K18 VC might not be immediately delivered to players' accounts. If this happens, the NBA 2K18 support team recommends waiting for a few hours as this might be due to increased player activity at peak hours. Players that haven't received coins after a few hours, should open a ticket. 
Gatorade, Mountain Dew, and other themed shirts can be bought from the Swags Store. Users can equip MyPlayer with all sorts of shirts. To get new shirts, they will need to access the store that is available in The Neighborhood. Branded shirts can be found under the Premium Tee Shirts category in the store.
Do not interfere with the reserved space section. The game will claim a drive section as reserved space. As this appears to be empty most of the times, some players think it's not really needed and delete it. This will cause a series of issues that most of the times can be solved by reinstalling the game. Same issues might occur if the game is not let to finish retrieving files when it's installing. Players should not cancel this process and also wait for the game to update each time it is required. 
User data corruption. This error is most of the times encountered after players delete the reserved space section. To fix this, players first need to load the game and then go into the play now menu. They shouldn't do anything else until the missing files are downloaded again. A notification asking players to go to the main menu, means that the process was successful and players can resume their game.  

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account