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NBA 2K18 – Do You Own Any of These Players Yet?

time 11/24/2017

MyTeam is an NBA 2K18 mode that features lots of player cards. One of the largest collections of cards is Historic Players. This set pays tribute to past NBA legends. It includes famous players from numerous teams. Players can be used in a variety of setups as they have different positions. The Historic collection is expanded each week with new cards. Here are some of the latest additions. 
Ty Lawson is a sapphire card with awesome speed. Players will get the most out of this card if they use it for quick offense. Another sapphire card is Kyle Lowry. This player is featured in his Houston Rockets jersey. Since 2012, Lowry is playing for the Toronto Raptors. He is best used in super max. One more sapphire card, Hersey Hawking, is part of this collection. Opposing players won't stand a chance against this card. Mike Dunleavy is one of the best shooter cards in this collection. He is depicted as part of the Indiana Pacers, the team he was part of between 2007-2011. Five ruby cards were also added to the Historic Players collection. Doug Collins played for the Philadelphia 76ers between 1973-1981, a team he also coached later on between 2010-2013. His MyTeam card has five ratings above 80 and it is one of the best cards for a two-way lineup. Ron Harper is featured as part of the Los Angeles Clippers when he fulfilled a shooting position. Athleticism is one of the best attributes for this card. Mitch Richmond is one of this collection's most versatile cards. He has good three points rating and also good defense. Doug Christie, another ruby card, is depicted in his Sacramento Kings jersey. He was part of this team for five years starting with 2000. He is one of the best defense players. Glen Rice makes a good pair with Richmond. Players that have this duo will have great offense. Rice is one of the best shooters with badges like catch and shoot and tireless scorer. All of these players and many others are found and traded with cheap NBA 2K18 MT in MyTeam packs. 

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