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NBA Live Mobile – What You Need to Know About the Coach Feature

time 11/25/2017

The new NBA Live Mobile feature called Coach adds a new type of cards that are used to improve teams. This feature is a Season 2 exclusive and it was implemented to give players more freedom over their teams. Coaches are cards that represent NBA coaches. Each team will have a coach, just like in the real NBA. Each coach has a series of attributes and abilities. Coaches are strongly connected to the new lineup system. As of Season 2, players have classic lineups that use veteran player cards and NBA lineups that use more modern players which you could get with NBA Live Mobile coins in transfer market. 
Each NBA coach has a lineup just like player cards used to have in Season 1. There are five lineups: power, shooting, defensive, run-n-gun, and balanced. The power lineup puts a focus on big players and low post play. The shooting lineup focuses on offense and doesn't have strong defense. The opposite lineup for shooting is defensive. This lineup has great defense at the cost of offense. The run-n-gun is an up-tempo lineup that is offense oriented. The balanced lineup doesn't have any disadvantages but doesn't have any strong points either. None is these five lineups is weak or useless. Players just have to learn how to use them. 
A coach's card has two sections, coaching boosts and style. The lineup is in the style section. Players can check out details about the supported lineup such as what type of tempo it has and what are its skills and rewards boosts. The other section, the boosts one, has some info on the coach's background. Players can also check reward and skill boosts in this section. Coaches always give boosts to matching players. A team used to have only five players in Season 1, but now reserves have been added. The OVR of the players on the bench will have an impact on the reward boost from the coach. It goes without saying that the boost increases along with OVR. 

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