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What Do We Think About the Coach Options?

time 11/27/2017

Madden 18 offers three styles of play to attract more players and please the veterans. They are options that modify some elements of approach that make the game more casual or deep.
The first is Arcade, which makes the game more accessible and facilitates "big plays" (long passes, many-yard races and powerful tackles). The second is Simulation, for those who enjoy the smallest details of the sport and want to see in their match the recreation of American football in all elements of their game mechanics. Finally, there is the Competitive option for those who like to challenge the other players and want to use their style of play to climb the Madden ranking.
As for the game modes, there is something for everyone. In Play Now, we participate in single-player games set by the player or defined by scenarios seen in real sports in which the player is challenged to relive critical moments of a match or change the course of classic game history.
In Franchise, the most complete way, the player literally becomes the owner / manager / coach of the team and is responsible for several functions: casting, regular season management, playoffs, next season hiring and draft picks.
As the team's general manager, the player can start with a cast ready or set. Here things get easier with the Patriots or more complicated with the Browns. You should make adjustments throughout the season, change players with your Madden NFL 18 coins, and keep an eye on player performance numbers and league news.
Online Head to Head mode is reserved for multiplayer matches, to challenge friends or strangers from around the globe to a match.
Madden mode, one of the coolest and deepest modes, has as its main goal the setting up of a strong cast to take part in challenges, events and seasons that test their formation. 

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