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NBA Live Mobile - Don't Miss the Fall Festival

time 11/28/2017

Starting with November 17th, NBA Live Mobile players have a new program to enjoy. The Fall Festival brings new content such as live events, sets, and rewards. Players can begin by completing program themed live events. 
Pumpkin Patch: Repeat is a repeatable live event that gives players the chance to get coins, XP, and one pumpkin token. It costs 10 stamina to play this event that requires scoring two baskets. Another live event that is available during this program is Pumpkin Patch: First Win. The reward contains four pumpkin tokens among coins and XP. The Orchard: Repeat live event rewards players with NBA Live Mobile coins, XP, and one apple token. This is a shootaround type of event. Dunk Tank: Repeat is a dunk drill event that gives players the opportunity to get one festival token. These tokens can also be obtained from Pumpkin Toss: Repeat which is a hot shot event. Both events that reward festival tokens cost 10 stamina for one play. Another type of program tokens, corn tokens, are acquired from Cornfield: Repeat live events. The festival Master live event costs 5 stamina and will reward players with a 78 OVR Paul George card. Another live event that grants players one 78 OVR card is Harvest Master. 
All these tokens are used in Fall Festival sets. Players will notice that a new set category is available. There are four types of sets. Classic Harvest Players sets will reward users with gold and elite players. More player cards can be won from NBA Festival Players sets. The Classic Harvest Master and NBA Festival Master have as final reward two 90 OVR cards. Players will obtain 90 OVR Shaq and 90 OVR Paul George. Players will need to unlock events and then work their way towards the 90 OVR card. The Fall Festival last for more than one week so players have enough time to enjoy the new content and to get their prizes.  

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account