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What Do We Think About Madden NFL 18? We Present You Our Final Verdict

time 12/02/2017

Madden 18 is a complement and a powerful tool in the hands of those who enjoy football. Assembling your team, playing the game and winning make the game very interesting. Frostbite was a nice addition, but it requires fine tuning to perfect the physics of the game. Better development of the player's look would also help. Maybe next time.
The game is a good gateway for anyone who wants to enter this sport. There is a way to learn not only the commands of the game, but rules and game bids. And thinking after the Super Bowl LII, when we're out of football, the game becomes a safe haven for us to win back yards and score points.
Longshot reveals a sample of important elements of American football, the details that matter, but we do not see in the field: the dream of the little town boy who wants to get to the NFL, who gets nervous in the Combine and fails like any human being, or receives the blessed phone call 'Hey boy, how about playing professionally' when being chosen by one of the thirty-two NFL teams. These elements make Longshot a must-have for anyone who enjoys the sport of the oval ball.
Overtime: Madden in his pocket
Madden Mobile is a good example of a game that fits your platform well. The controls are simplified and well calibrated for the smallest touch screen. Like a few touches to make the plays, do not miss much with the limitation of controls.
The player creates his team, as well as the Madden mode of Madden 18, and participates in daily challenges and matches against other players in the search for cards of better players which you could get with Madden 18 coins in transfer market.
Madden NFL Mobile 18 is free and features micro transactions. There are versions for Android and iOS.

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