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NBA 2K18 - Bench Boost Players Are Now Available in MyTeam Packs

time 12/06/2017

Lots of unique NBA 2K18 cards are introduced with the newest MyTeam collection, Bench Boost Players. All the players in this set are carefully crafted so they bring not only improvements when placed in a team but also a tactical reevaluation. Manu Ginobili, Scottie Pippen, and J.R. Smith are some of the most representative players for this collection. Manu Ginobili is one of the best shooting guard players. This card is highly adaptable so it's up to users how they decide to integrate it into a team. Scottie Pippen, the 52 year old retired small forward, is known for scoring 29 points when he was brought into the game during the Playoffs in 1990. The reward for obtaining all Bench Boost players is an amethyst card that represents J.R. Smith. This player is one of the winners of the Sixth Man of the Year award. He was with the New York Knicks when he received it. Smith got an average of 18.1 points for 80 games. This MyTeam card has great dunking and amazing badges like Deep Range Deadeye. All NBA 2K18 players will want to get their hands on this fantastic amethyst card with NBA 2K18 MT. Here are some of the other cards that are found in this type of MyTeam packs. 
K.C. Jones from the Boston Celtics is an emerald player. This card comes with amazing perks like 98 defensive consistency and gold defensive stopper. Jared Jeffries from the Washington Wizards is also an emerald card in this collection. This player has the gold defensive stopper badge. Scot Pollard from the Sacramento Kings is a sapphire card that has good rebound. Another sapphire card is Jamal Crawford. This player has good ball handling, scoring, and isolation. Boris Diaw from the Phoenix Suns is a power forward with good shooting. Antoine Walker and Manu Ginobili are other sapphire players from this collection. Scottie Pippen, Kevin McHale, and Arvydas Sabonis are ruby cards. Scottie Pippen has at least 80 for all system proficiency. Kevin McHale has good rebounding. Arvydas Sabonis has amazing playmaking and shooting. 

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