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NBA Live Mobile - How to Complete Ball is Life Sets

time 12/13/2017

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 wiped all old sets and added new ones. One of the new set categories that are a great way to obtain some starting player cards is Ball is Life. There are eight sets in this category. 
The first set, Sign a Player, offers one bronze or better player in exchange for one NBA and one Classic team token. This set cannot be completed more than two times per day as it has a 12 hours cooldown. The second set, Classic Teams, gives players the chance to acquire one gold or elite Classic player card when they turn in 10 Classic tokens. Northwest Teams, the third set, gives an NBA gold or elite player card that belongs to the Northwest division. The requirements to complete this set are 10 NBA tokens. The Pacific Teams set is the fourth set in the Ball is Life category. It is similar to the previous sets and the requirements are the same. The only thing that is different is the reward that is a player card (gold or elite) that is part of the Pacific division. The fifth set, Southwest Teams, is also similar to the previous two sets. As the name suggests, players will obtain a player card from the Southwest division if they have 10 NBA tokens. The sixth set is for those who want to get players from the Central division. The rules are the same: 10 NBA tokens for one gold or elite player. The Ball is Life set category also includes sets that reward players from the Southeast division. A gold or elite player card which you could get with cheap NBA Live Nobile coins is obtained if 10 NBA tokens are turned in. This is the seventh set called Southeast Teams. The eighth and last set, Atlantic Teams, has as reward a gold or elite player from the Atlantic division. All of these sets are repeatable. Players obtained as a reward have multiple uses. They can be assigned to a team if their OVR is better and also used as training items to increase other players' OVR. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account