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Runescape 2007 - Have You Gained Access to Legends Guild?

time 12/24/2017

Legends Guild is one of the premium Runescape 2007 guilds. Players must meet two conditions to gain access to all the guild's features. First and foremost, they need to be subscribers. The second requirement is completing the Legends' Quest. The quest is obtained from an NPC that is located on the ground floor of the guild building. Prepare enough RS 2007 gold before you start the quest. After players complete the quest, they will gain full access to the guild. There are many assignments involved in completing this quest. Players need some skills increased to a certain level and several other quests completed. They will also have to fight against a combat level 187 demon. 
There are several ways to get to the guild. As the guild is pretty close to East Ardougne, players can travel there first and then head northeast. Other locations that are close to the guild are Hemenster and Seer's Village. Players can also use the combat bracelet to get to the Ranging Guild and then walk southeast. The fastest traveling methods that will bring players very close to the entrance are the fairy ring and the quest point cape teleport. The entrance to the guild is guarded by two soldiers that won't let players in unless they've started the Legends' Quest. On the ground floor, players will find a totem that is used to recharge the combat bracelet and the skills necklace. The NPC that starts the quest is also found on this floor. An NPC that is in charge of a general store can be found on the first floor. The second floor has a bank and one more store. From this store players can buy mithril seeds, a dusty key, a maze key, and the cape of legends. The Legends Guild's basement is actually a dungeon. The monsters that can be fought here are shadow warriors (combat level 48), giant bats (combat level 27), and scorpions (combat level 14). If you want to defeat them easy, buy a leveled Runescape 2007 Account is a good chioce. The most compelling reason to kill the monsters in this dungeon is the shield left half. The right half can be bought from the vendor on the second floor. 

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