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FUT 18 Half in Switch

time 12/31/2017

The release of 'FUT 18' for Nintendo Switch has raised more scales than it should between hybrid fans and sports simulator fans. This one who writes you celebrated his announcement so loud that the echo lasted in the hall for a few minutes. So strong that I even caused those anti-FUT (who are there) to dream with a few games side by side on the way to the beach.
Electronic Arts knew how to sell us the motorcycle, they are geniuses in marketing. They convinced the most skeptical of which his version for Switch, although trimmed and limited, was going to suppose a turning point in the saga. "Game made to measure" repeated from the Gamescom and E3, "as they have seen that Nintendo is on the rise".
Submerged in the creative swell caused by the new Japanese console, this end of the year has claimed the first great victim of hurry and anything goes. 'FUT 18' was one of the big names of this 2017 for the story that is starting to take its leave. The king of virtual football finally landed on all consoles, and because of that (and the need to see Switch with extremely commercial projects) I celebrated its launch with enthusiasm.
Many may seem like a solemn tirade of unsatisfied customers, but being as rigorous as might be expected, seeing how a prestigious company stumbles upon the most appetizing port of its star saga is anything but fun. 
Whether due to hurry or lack of inspiration, the truth is that the product offered by Electronic Arts does not work playably up to the demands. Graphically we already knew where the limit could be, there are no dramas to underline. However, it is the sensations when playing that make me propose this article. Have you really offered us a customized game?
After dedicating enough time for analysis, for later comparison with PS4, and to quench the thirst of football fans (the latter is very important), I have to say that this is a mere experiment. This is the best seller as we know, same as FUT 18 Coins PS4. You can forget about "customized" game. This bet of EA by Switch is not more than an anecdote to watch the commercial horizon of Nintendo. Without care, without care, without risk and without taking into account those who have eaten hundreds of hours in the other versions of the market. In short, 'FUT 18' is a game built "to measure". 

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