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FF14 - Rise of a New Sun Preview

time 01/30/2018

FF14 players are in for a big treat come the end of January 2018. A new important content update is preparing for release. Patch 4.2 called Rise of a New Sun brings main story quests, side quests, Beast Tribe quests, and other features. Players get the chance to find out what happens next in the FF14 story with a new main scenario. A new adventure begins for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and for the adventurers. The new side story quest, The Jade Stoa, will send players to investigate a legend. Many believe that the story of Tenzen is nothing more than fiction but there's often more than meets the eye with these myths. Curios what everyone's favorite hero, Hildibrand, is up to? Patch 4.2 comes with more quests involving the famed NPC, FF14 Power Leveling service will helo you finished them quickly. Players are also required to assist Beast Tribes with their quests. A versatile adventurer must know its way around the battlefield but also around the wardrobe. Fashion enthusiasts are invited to seek the masked NPC at the Gold Saucer and complete his styling challenges. 
New multiplayer PvE and PvP content in the form of dungeons and maps are added to the game. The new dungeon, Hells' Lid, sends players to prove their worth against terrible foes. A greater challenge awaits adventurers in The Fractal Continuum hard mode dungeon. Raiders will not have a moment of rest with the introduction of the new Omega: Sigmascape. PvP fans have a new map called Crystal Tower Training Grounds to enjoy in the Feast. Ranked PvP matches will allow teams of six members to compete. A couple of changes will make the PvP experience better. Players will be able to adventure underwater in a submarine built in company's workshop. For those who prefer flying, new mounts, FF14 Gil are available. Glamour dressers found in inn rooms will help players manage their glamours and outfits. New performance actions are available as well. 

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