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What PUBG Is All About

time 02/02/2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG for short is a PvP battle royale game that was released towards the end of 2017. The early access phase started in March 2017 and the release took place nine months later in December. The game is developed by PUBG Corporation. The man behind the game is Brendan Green, also known as PlayerUnknown, who created similar modes for other games. The idea behind the game is very simple. Battle royale is a genre that mixes survival gameplay with deathmatch mechanics. A large number of players are transported to a battlefield and fight until only one remains. Players don't have much equipment at the start of the match so they must procure it somehow.
As the time passes, the battlefield shrinks so players cannot hide until the end of the match. The reason for the map decrease is to force battles between the last players. There can be only one player or team standing at the end of the match. PUBG allows players to enter the fight alone or with a small group of three other members. The winning player or team gets rewarded but others get prizes as well. Depending on performance, players get game money. Criteria include time alive, number of defeated players, and such. The currency is used to get boxes that have customization items. 
In just a few months, PUBG became one of the most played games of the year. In 2017, PUBG has sold around twenty-four million PC copies. The game is bought and played on Steam. It costs $30 (or the equivalent depending on players' location). The Xbox One version was released in December 2017 and sold more than four million copies in just one month. It is one of the most viewed games on streaming platforms as well. A microtransactions system was added a few months after the early access release. A Chinese version of the game is in the works and also two mobile versions. Welcome to u7buy for FUT 18 Coins buying and more PUBG information. 

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