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Let's Discover the Lore Behind H1Z1

time 02/08/2018

The initial design of H1Z1 was a large project that incorporated various gameplay elements. This game was never released but instead was split into two titles. One of them is called Just Survive and it's an action survival MMO available in early access on Steam. The second game kept the original name and became an action battle royale shooter. Just like the other title, this one is also in early access but this didn't stop the community from playing it already. H1Z1 is mainly a PvP game with no content designed for PvE interactions or activities that pit players against computer controlled enemies. But there is a story that tells more about the game and details that events that led to the current state of the world. 
H1Z1 has a zombie apocalypse theme. It all started with a virus called H1Z1 that infected all people. It spread so fast there was nothing that could be done about it. No cure, no quarantine could stand in its way. Soon, all planet's inhabitants become affected and the majority turned into zombies. While their physical powers were boosted, their brain got downgraded. As a result, they act like mindless creatures. They display violent and cannibalistic behavior. The virus mutated their bodies that are now able to regenerate but there are ways to put them down for good. Their brains are their weakness. If a zombie has its brain destroyed then it won't regenerate anymore. Fire seems to be a good weapon against them as well as it also stops regrowth. But not all of the affected individuals suffered the same fate. The virus that gave regenerative capabilities did not alter their brains. And so, the few remaining sane people started the fight against the zombies. They are called Z1s. Here are some of them. Kamila Novak is a skilled ranged fighter. Davina Bishop is a versatile character that knows how to turn the odds in her favor. Tommy Legget is a straightforward individual who doesn't like to waste time. Li Wei Li is an accurate and stealthy fighter. So what do you think of  H1Z1? Do you play this game? We will keep you posted for more information, remember visit u7buy for The ESO Items buying and video games information. 

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