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How Many FUT Mobile Achievements Have You Completed?

time 02/11/2018

FUT Mobile has an achievements system that rewards players with items when they complete various objectives. Although optional, achievements should be completed because of the prizes. We say optional because game features or other content is not locked behind achievements like some are locked behind the player's level. The market, for example, requires players to be level five. Achievements are a great way to obtain extra rewards and the best part about them is that they are completed while taking part in other game modes. 
Achievements can be found under the Activities menu that is opened from the left side panel in the home screen. Players will notice two tabs: Daily Activities and Achievements. Tapping on the second one will bring up the Achievements screen. Players can view achievements by six criteria: general, VS Attack, events, leagues, campaign, and seasonal. They can also check what achievements they already have by tapping the icon that looks like a ribbon. 
Each achievement has a name, requirements, and rewards. Under the achievements name, players can see the requirements to complete it. On the opposite side, the progress and tier are shown. An achievement may have multiple tiers. Each tier has the same objective but the requirements become harder as the tier advances. For example, the Score Goals achievement that requires players to score goals has eight tiers. Each tier requires a number of goals bigger than the previous tier. Players can see the progress for the tier they are currently working on and the requirements. On the right side of the screen, the rewards are displayed. Players need to tap on the achievement's name to check out its rewards. The rewards mostly match the achievement's theme. For example, Team OVR achievement that requires players to reach certain OVR thresholds will give training XP, FUT Mobile coins, and FUT Mobile points as rewards. There are also Seasonal achievements that reward special items like trophies. Players can use the achievements system as a to-do list if they are unsure what to do next. The easier achievements should be completed first. 

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