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What is Rocket League

time 02/10/2018

Rocket League is an action game that mixes physics based gameplay with sports and vehicles. It is created and operated by Psyonix. If the name rings any bells, it's because they've created a similar game in the past. Unfortunately, Battle Cars (Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars) didn't become a success but it did pave the way for the sequel. Rocket League was released in 2015 and became a very popular game. The idea behind the game is easy to understand. Players take control of all sorts of vehicles and use them to play soccer. Most players describe the game as being football/soccer with cars. This is a pretty accurate description as it captures the essence of the gameplay. Players will use the vehicles to guide the ball in the enemy goal. Points are scored for every goal. 
Several modes and ways to play the game allow users to undertake all sorts of challenges. The game was initially designed for competitive multiplayer but later a single player mode was added. Season mode proposes various scenarios that are completed in solo mode. The signature mode pits two teams against each other. A team has four members that can be players or bots depending on the selected mode. Multiplayer matches are played online but the game has local multiplayer too. There is a split-screen option that gives two, three, or four users the chance to play using the same system. An option for online split-screen against others is available too. 
Rocket League can be played on PC and current generation consoles, including the newest one Nintendo Switch. Cross platform interaction allows PS4 and PC players to play together. PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players can also interact. Cars can be customized and there are so many available options that permit billions of possible unique outcomes. Players can unlock items and more vehicles as they play the game. The game caters to competitive play and it provides features like leaderboards. Tournaments and contests are held so players have the chance to compete in an organized environment. 
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