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NBA Live Mobile - Season 2 Activities That Reward the Most XP

time 02/16/2018

XP Accelerator. This is a live event specially designed for fast leveling. Players will receive 125 XP and a bonus of 200 XP the first time they complete the event each day. There is also a small sum of coins received for completing it. Players can complete this event multiple times per day. It costs 10 stamina to play XP Accelerator. The requirements to complete it are pretty easy so this is a great event for starting players. The event is played with one player. Users must guide their player through marked zones on the court and score points. This event is a must for new players. 
Season mode. The second most profitable XP wise activity is completing games in Season mode. There are numerous games to complete. Each win will reward players with 300 NBA Live Mobile coins, 100 XP, and one player card. It costs 10 stamina to play one Season mode game. One of the best things about this leveling method is that it's very beginner friendly. One game has four quarters and a quarter has two minutes so each game takes at least eight minutes. Players might think that eight minutes is a long time but if they use auto-play the game will practically complete itself. As long as the player's team's OVR is bigger than the AI's, the auto-play has pretty big chances of winning the game. Of course, players should learn how to control their basketball players to get ready for more challenging content. 
Head to head games. This is the competitive NBA Live Mobile mode. In these games, players will play against each other. A hundred coins, 100 fans, 200 reputation, and 50 XP are the minimum rewards for winning a game. Depending on user's skills, these matches may be more difficult to win than season games and live events, however, there are players who prefer this activity. These three leveling methods should be combined to fast level in no time. 

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account