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Which CS: GO Mode Is Your Favorite?

time 02/13/2018

Hostage Scenario. Players have a different objective depending on the team they're in. This goes for all game modes. In this scenario, the Terrorists team must prevent the opponents from rescuing hostages. The Counter-Terrorists have to rescue hostages in order to win. There is an additional victory scenario. In the eventuality that a team kills all members of the opposite team, they win the game. Players are encouraged to decide how they will approach this scenario and work as a team. 
Bomb Scenario. The Terrorists objective is to plant the bomb and to prevent the enemy from defusing it for 40 seconds after it was planted. They also win if they take down all opponents. The Counter-Terrorists job is to stop the other team from planting the bomb, to defuse it in case the first objective failed, or to kill all enemies before they manage to plant the explosive. 
Deathmatch. This is the simplest, easiest, and one of the most played CS: GO modes. Players like this mode because it's uncomplicated as it lacks objectives. The winning condition is to have the most number of points at the end of the match. Players score points by killing enemies. The number of points that are obtained depends on which weapons are used. Bonus timers allow players to earn more points. 
Arms Race. This mode has an unusual victory condition. There are two teams. If one player manages to defeat an opponent with a Golden Knife, then the victory goes to their team. Each time players take down opponents, they upgrade their weapon. This is how they eventually come into possession of the knife that is needed to score the win. 
Demolition. This mode is pretty similar to Bomb Scenario. It has the same victory conditions as Bomb Scenario and a few more rules. Players upgrade weapons and get equipment when killing enemies. This mode is played on maps that are small and medium. A game is played in 20 rounds. The team that wins 11 rounds, wins the match.  
Which CS: GO Mode is your favorite? More information about CS: GO and video games will be posted every day. And cheap price is offered like always for FUT 18 Account and ESO Products, etc. 

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